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In last week’s blog comments I was asked: “How do you leverage your strengths in your business?” Since I could see that my response to the question was going to be longer than a typical comment, I decided to write a follow up post and use myself as an example. So, welcome to Part 3 in my series on strengths. First, there are strengths and there are signature strengths. A strength is a strong attribute or inherent asset; it reflects something you do well and with ease. Strengths are typically Read more [...]
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Leveraging our top strengths helps us bring our unique contributions to the world. In order to leverage and deploy them successfully, we need to know what they are. Uncovering them offers keys to the special imprint we are here to make on the world. Last week we introduced the Appreciative Inquiry 360, a feedback exercise to help us build our appreciative muscle, connect with meaningful others and learn their perceptions of our unique strengths. This week we will introduce another research-based Read more [...]
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How well do you know yourself? What are your signature strengths? Does your assessment of yourself match what others see? When we are looking for a job, starting a business, initiating a new project or assembling a new team, it’s important to identify and leverage our strengths. Our strengths also support us when we are making transitions in our lives. So it’s important to know what they are. Too often, we are focused on what needs fixing. Advertising, mass media and politicians send improvement Read more [...]
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I had the good fortune to see Seth Godin live in Seattle on June 24. Seth’s particular genius is marketing, which really just means communication about goods and services that provide value. But if you have been following his work, you know that his ideas and wisdom are not just for entrepreneurs. They are for everyone. A master marketer and serial entrepreneur, Seth’s goal is to “fail more than anyone else” which has rewarded him with numerous successes and earned him permission to talk Read more [...]
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