Exploration.  Co-creation.  Transformation.

I am a collaborative thought partner, supporter, advocate, and catalyst for individuals and teams seeking transformative learning and change. I am passionate about co-creating partnerships and spaces that allow the human spirit to come alive. I enjoy helping my clients bring their highest and best selves forward to enhance their lives and our world.

Multiple Hats
You might also refer to me as a Workplace, Life Transition & Executive Coach; Certified Trainer and Guide in the Enneagram system of personality; and a Leadership Development Consultant and Coach. In addition, I am an experienced Organization Development Consultant, skilled in action research and process consultation, a trained mediator and skilled third-party conflict coach, and trained in scoring and administering Kegan, Lahey, et. al’s Subject-Object Interview.  I delight in wearing many hats: coach, consultant, mentor, facilitator, trainer, guide, and learner, and  donning each with intention.

I have navigated and continue to navigate significant change and transition in my own life. More on my own experiences and inquiries about yours will be coming in my blogClients and colleagues say that I bring the following to our work together:

  • Passion, curiosity, adventure, love of people and learning
  • The ability to co-create a supportive, safe, affirming, and trustworthy environment for our work
  • Structure and organization
  • Attention to the big picture and well as the details
  • Genuine support and respectful challenge
  • Empathy, genuineness, and unconditional positive regard
  • Options and possibilities
  • Background and expertise, as needed
  • Accountability

Professional Background
I am trained and licensed as an attorney. I did some fascinating nontraditional legal work before I transitioned into management consulting in 2000. I joined Andersen Consulting/ Accenture, learned their approach to OD and change management, and consulted in the communications and high technology market space (telecom, wireless, and software companies). In 2006-07, I participated in a life-changing women’s integral leadership program. Craving the opportunity to do more personal work while seeking to understand why some change interventions worked and others did not, I obtained my M.A. in Applied Behavioral Science with a concentration in Leadership & Organization Development. In was in grad school that I discovered my love of coaching. My desire for additional training and practice, exposure to a variety of coaching models, and ICF credentialing led me to an evidence-based coaching program.

I am a certified Evidence-Based Coach, a credentialed member of the International Coach Federation (ACC), and a member the Puget Sound Coaches Association. I am also a certified trainer and guide in the Enneagram system of personality, and an Accredited Enneagram Teacher and Professional Member of the International Enneagram Association.

Interests and Client Work
My interests and current client work include transformative learning, adaptive leadership, and developmental coaching with individuals and teams; “here-and-now” communication and facilitation; exploring the Enneagram in community; and  weaving mindfulness, somatic awareness, energy work, imagery, and the expressive arts into my life and work.

I was born and raised in the midwestern United States. My husband David and I met during law school in 1992 and have been married since 1994. Lovers of learning and fairly independent, we continue to evolve individually as well as in our partnership. Our eight-year old Bichon Frises, Molly and Maggie, teach us daily about unconditional love and living in the now. We all reside in Seattle, Washington.

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