Enneagram Reviews:

“Laurie Rosenfeld is a delightful and dedicated teacher and coach of the Enneagram. She brings thoughtful compassion, a warm heart, and a serious lightness of being to her work. I am honored to have her as one of our certified Enneagram teachers. She will both educate and inspire you.”

David Daniels, M.D., clinical professor Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences,

Stanford Medical School and Co-founder of the Enneagram Professional Training Program, Palo Alto, CA

“Laurie is an excellent interviewer who brings great personal warmth and professional experience to the Enneagram work. She is multi-talented with a grounded presence, skilled in coaching, mediating, and teaching. I highly recommend her!”

Peter O’Hanrahan, Associate of the Enneagram Professional Training Program, Berkeley, CA

“Laurie approaches her work with an open and willing heart that is both kind and astute. Her encouragement to others and honesty to doing her best seeps in to all she does. Lucky us who have been touched by her genuineness.”

Madeline D’Andrea, Certified Enneagram Teacher, Penn Valley, CA

“Laurie knows the Enneagram and her skill at helping others work with the system is professional and personal.  It is so wonderful to work with Laurie.  Her laugh and smile are disarming and infectious, a nice balance to the deep and integrating work she so skillfully invites.”

Roberta H. Whitney, MA, Healer and Professional Enneagram Teacher, Andover, MA

Coaching Reviews – from Teachers & Colleagues:

“Laurie Rosenfeld brings compassion, skill and determination to her coaching work. She is dedicated to her client’s growth, development and overall success. Using insightful feedback that blends enthusiastic support and caring challenge Laurie aligns herself towards her clients’ success. She is results focused and knows how to inspire and encourage her clients towards greater levels of personal and professional achievement. I would work with Laurie on any project and consider her counsel invaluable.”

Catherine Johnson, M.A., Former Academic Dean, Leadership Institute of Seattle

“Laurie is an attentive coach who demonstrates a high level of engagement with her clients. Her questions are well thought out and on track with what the client seems to have energy discussing. She acknowledges the work her client does in between and in the sessions. I enjoyed our mentor coaching engagements. Laurie was a model student, taking in the feedback and applying the new learnings for the next session.”

Dian Christian, M.B.A., M.S.O.D., PCC, Mentor-Coach with Fielding Graduate University’s Evidence-Based Coaching Program

“Laurie is an insightful, compassionate coach, with a vast skillset and knowledge base to draw from. I don’t know any other coaches with her particular array of experience: management consultant, lawyer, enneagram teacher, OD consultant… the list is long and impressive. All of this previous experience and understanding is synergistically combined in Laurie. She brings all of herself to every conversation, and her passion for development is evident. I’ve worked with Laurie in several different capacities, and I can’t think of one conversation with Laurie when I haven’t felt supported, challenged, and INSPIRED.”

Lain Kahlstrom, Senior Associate, Point B

“I had the privilege of studying with Laurie during a one year coaching certification program. The program was one of the most powerful learning experiences I have had in part because of the participation of Laurie. Her ability to balance the technical elements of coaching with empathy, insight, and genuine concern provided me with a real-life example that such a balance is possible. She combines support, encouragement and warmth with theory and a focus on results that facilitates growth in a seemingly effortless manner.”

Patrick Smith, M.A., Cadre Consultant Organizational Psychology, Personnel Decisions International, Saudi Arabia

“I had the great fortune of attending Fielding Graduate University’s Evidence Based Coaching certificate program with Laurie. Over the course of a year I observed her coaching on several occasions and was coached by her as well. Laurie is an exceptionally gifted coach. She exhibits the highest regard for her clients and knows just when to ask the perfect question. The words that come to mind when I think of Laurie are curious, intentional and emotionally aware. If you engage Laurie as your coach prepare to be transformed!”

Gail Perry, M.S., Director of Human Resources, Arizona Western College, Yuma, AZ

“I had the honor of studying with Laurie in the EBC program at Fielding. She exemplifies “dancing in the moment” with her clients. Her ability to allow her personality to be fully present while adapting to the tone, energy, and pace of her clients is masterful. In addition to her talent as a coach, Laurie is attuned to the needs of others. She reached out to me intuitively to offer support at a time when I really needed it. Her affirmation, support, and encouragement is a big part of why I was able to complete the program. I hold Laurie in the highest regard.”

Natalie Trabert, M.A., Principal, KEI Consulting Company, Los Angeles, CA

“Laurie was my classmate and became a friend at the Fielding Graduate University‘s Evidence Based Coaching program. I was so lucky to be her client. Laurie‘s energy provides fuel for two for the journey. In Hungarian is said that the pepper is small but strong. The spicy flavour of the strong pepper combined with enthusiasm and trust to the process and the client creates the field of force for safe work. Her genuine curiosity, kindness, empathy and logical mapping of the issue guided me through the thicket of fears. In the end I found myself having a breakthough, got clarity and leaving the session with an action plan, which was proven since then a brilliant solution. That is true, that not every session leads to such a breakthrough. But what is more true, that only with the guidance of a talented coach, like Laurie might happen this kind of miracle.”

Anna Drosztmer, M.Sc., M.A., The Park Ltd., Budapest, Hungary

“Laurie is a gifted coach whose deeply empathic heart and incisive, inquisitive mind provide a unique benefit to her clients. Through the lens of her caring intelligence, clients see themselves and their lives in a clear, compassionate, possibility-filled light. Laurie’s skills and knowledge facilitate clients in accessing and using their own tools to create meaningful and lasting change. I strongly recommend Laurie as a transformative growth and expansion partner.”

Laura DeHaven, Senior Planner, Terra Nova Planning & Research, Santa Ynez, CA

“I find Laurie Rosenfeld to be an outstanding coach. Her coaching presence combined with her depth of understanding and the experience she brings to the profession, results in a coach who is compassionate, not afraid to challenge in service of her clients, and astute in her observations. In my experience, Laurie’s combination of skills and heart result in effective coaching and ultimately new awareness on the part of her clients. I highly recommend Laurie.”

Barrett McBride, Principal, McBride & Associates, Sacramento, CA

Coaching Reviews from Clients:

“Laurie is an amazing combination of cognitive brilliance and emotional intelligence. She is incredibly thorough in pursuing knowledge of the theories, models, and concepts that support the great work she does. Her warmth and positive approach combined with her attention to task make our work together very productive.”

– Transition and Career Coach, Mercer Island, WA

“I really enjoyed working with Laurie Rosenfeld, and I strongly recommend her to anyone who needs help getting clear and getting organized. I’m a coach myself and I can only imagine how challenging it must have been to coach another coach! But Laurie handled it very gracefully, adapting to my changing circumstances, alternating between giving me space to dream big and playing the taskmaster, encouraging me to focus on accomplishing manageable goals. Her natural warmth and compassion were evident throughout our work, and I enjoyed the experience immensely.”

– Systems Consultant, Leadership Institute of Seattle/LIOS College of Saybrook University

“My experience with Laurie has been an amazing process of reflection and insight. She has the ability to walk me down a narrow path that opens to a meadow full of rich learning and ah-has. Her extensive knowledge, compassion and rare quality of genuine curiosity bring an element that can lead to nothing other than success.”

Small Business Owner, Federal Way, WA

“Thank you for your patient exploration with me this morning. Your feedback and your direct questions led me to reflect in a deeper way. I could feel something was bubbling up even later today. I have been doing a lot of journaling and this feels like a watershed. Thank you for the powerful coaching support you provided.”

Urban Planner, Santa Barbara, CA

“Laurie has a gift for asking questions that expand one’s thinking. Her questions and reflections demonstrate her capacity for deep, focused attention. I always felt heard when I worked with Laurie, and often her reflections helped me remember strengths and resources that I’d forgotten I have. Laurie brings fascination and curiosity about whatever is arising in the moment. Her respect and regard for my process helped me better trust myself and the transformation I was experiencing.

Some notes I wrote following one of our sessions: ‘The coaching session really helped. Not just in the moment, not just in the conversation with x, but throughout the weekend. The conversation opened space for me to listen to myself, to feel the conflict of enthusiasm and fear. The container that we created gave me room to stay open in the face of my fear. And that in turn has helped me access my competence.’ “

Technical Writer, Redmond, WA

“I contacted Laurie for help with a conflict coaching session and was delighted with the results!  I came to a much deeper understanding not only of the relationship in question, but of myself as a person.  Laurie brought a unique blend of discernment and spaciousness to our session.  While her questions were intelligent and accurate she fully allowed my own process to guide our session.  I had the room to fully express my thoughts, including feeling into what I did not yet know, with Laurie using her presence to clarify and deepen the path I was exploring.”

Private Practice Therapist, Seattle, WA