Developmental Coaching

What is coaching?

Coaching is a professional, collaborative, and intentional partnership dedicated to helping you reach a higher level of performance, learning or satisfaction in your life.

A trained coach partners with you to assess your present and design your future.

Coaching is ideal for individuals who are motivated to change and are seeking a collaborative thought partner, a neutral facilitator, and a personal advocate.

Coaching is a co-created relationship of equals, founded upon mutual respect. The client establishes the agenda and the coach manages the process. The client decides what “the work” is and brings a topic around which he/she has energy. Together coach and client pursue the goals for coaching.

Since coaching is an intentional, outcome-driven conversation, it is refreshingly unlike other forms of dialogue. It really is “all about you” – in service of bringing the best possible YOU to your life, your work, and the world.

What are the benefits of coaching?

Coaching facilitates achievement of your personal and professional goals and desired outcomes. The purpose of a coaching partnership is to keep you aligned with your intentions and to support your success.

Coaching enables you to:

  • Gain clarity about what you want in your life
  • Design specific goals, outcomes, and actions that bring your vision into reality
  • Stay aligned with your intentions
  • Identify and plan for the internal and external obstacles that get in your way
  • Acknowledge the internal and external support you have and will need along the way
  • Obtain accountability through both support and challenge as you progress toward your goals
  • Gain insight and awareness that will drive conscious choice and action in your life
  • Work with a partner who is uniquely poised to support and celebrate your success

What is your approach?

As a coach, my approach involves deep listening, intuition, powerful questions, and commonly uses metaphor – all of which enable clients to see the content of their lives differently. Seeing differently sparks new ideas about how to move forward in meaningful ways.

My approach blends support and challenge and utilizes both directive and non-directive coaching techniques. I am trained and certified as an evidence-based coach. That means that I am knowledgeable about and committed to using research-driven theories, tools, and techniques in our work together. In addition to employing the core coaching competencies identified by the International Coach Federation, I also utilize the theories and tools that will best support our work together.

I am also a certified trainer and guide in a unique system of personality called the Enneagram. I have been working with it personally and intensively since 2006 and believe it is a powerful lens. If this resonates with you, we can talk about how to integrate it into our coaching work together.

To learn more about my coaching presence, read testimonials from clients who have worked with me and colleagues who have trained with me.

So, how do I  get started?

NOTE: I am only taking new clients on a referral basis. If you have been referred, please feel free to contact me. Let me know who referred you and how I can be of service. My work is shifting and this site will reflect that in due time.  

With gratitude,