Following fifteen years of work experience, leadership training, and graduate education, in 2008 I began my practice in life transition, workplace, and executive coaching; organization and leadership development; and transformational work with the Enneagram system of personality.

I serve as a collaborative thought partner, supporter, advocate, and catalyst for individuals and teams seeking growth and change. I am deeply curious about people and passionate about facilitating transformative change. While I draw on a vast array of theories, models, and evidence-based tools and practices, the extensive work I have done and continue to do with respect to my own development may be my greatest asset.

I treat each engagement as an adventure and as a laboratory for learning and experimentation, while supported by years of professional experience in law and justice, community relations, and human and organizational behavior.

I work particularly well with individuals, teams, and organizations on a transformational path of growth and with clients who are motivated to move from insight and awareness to action.

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