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Remembering the witches

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Have you wondered where your power and strength comes from? Or why at times you are overcome with a fear that seems unjustified given the life you are living? Who were the witches? What happened? What can we learn? How does our history inform us, as women and men, today? This Halloween is a good time to remember those women whose lives were lost hundreds of years ago. *  *  * I recently saw the Canadian documentary The Burning Times for the first time. Produced in 1990 by Donna Read, the Read more [...]

Girls Transforming the World

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The highest leverage way to transform our planet is to invest in adolescent girls in the developing world. The. Girl. Effect.  Transforming the life of . . .                     a 12-year old girl,                               her village,                                         our planet.   “There are 600 million adolescent girls living in poverty in the developing world. By giving one of these girls Read more [...]