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Remembering the witches

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Have you wondered where your power and strength comes from? Or why at times you are overcome with a fear that seems unjustified given the life you are living? Who were the witches? What happened? What can we learn? How does our history inform us, as women and men, today? This Halloween is a good time to remember those women whose lives were lost hundreds of years ago. *  *  * I recently saw the Canadian documentary The Burning Times for the first time. Produced in 1990 by Donna Read, the Read more [...]

Meditation on Rumi

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Jalal-ad-Din was a thirteenth century Sufi mystic, poet, jurist, and theologian. Universally known as Rumi, he wrote about love, interconnection, and the human condition. Poetry is a powerful way to meditate and to connect with the soul. It allows us to bypass our cognitive thought processes and connect with images, feelings and sensations. And it can be quite transformative. My work is about transformation, wholeness and coaching the human spirit. And although coaching often begins as a verbal Read more [...]
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Invitation to Stillness

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Recently I have been immersed in creative flow. I have been engaged in rich conversations. And I have been consuming a vast amount of information relevant to my work as a coach, consultant, Enneagram teacher, writer, entrepreneur and small business owner. Ideas are coming fast. My mind is abuzz. And my body seems poised for action every waking minute. So much is gestating that I wake up and feel like I have been working even while I dream. I have a morning pages practice where I write stream-of-consciousness Read more [...]
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"Who are you?"  said the Caterpillar. . . . "I-I hardly know, Sir, just at present," Alice replied rather shyly, "at least I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have changed several times since then."  -- LEWIS CARROLL, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland    Transitions pave the way for new beginnings. And on the way, as Alice implies, we typically experience loss, confusion, and loneliness. I work with clients who are undergoing profound transitions. While change Read more [...]
Confusion. Anger. Shame. Exhaustion. What do you do when these feelings arise? What internal messages accompany these feelings? What do you notice in your body? I have had a rough week and these feelings have been hanging around like old friends tugging at my feet while I try to move on to my next adventure. The details, the story and the drama (don’t we all like a good drama?) are really not that important. In fact, what is a lot more interesting is that when life gets difficult for me, a particular Read more [...]
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Have you ever experienced a flash of inner wisdom so strong that you felt drawn to do something without really knowing why? Have you felt called to step into something without having a well-thought out plan? Or wondered how to explain these tugs that seem so off-the-wall to the people around you? I have had a number of these flashes over the course of my life. I have been trusting them and acting on them more and more over the last six years. My draw to the the Enneagram was one of those leaps of Read more [...]
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In last week’s blog comments I was asked: “How do you leverage your strengths in your business?” Since I could see that my response to the question was going to be longer than a typical comment, I decided to write a follow up post and use myself as an example. So, welcome to Part 3 in my series on strengths. First, there are strengths and there are signature strengths. A strength is a strong attribute or inherent asset; it reflects something you do well and with ease. Strengths are typically Read more [...]
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How well do you know yourself? What are your signature strengths? Does your assessment of yourself match what others see? When we are looking for a job, starting a business, initiating a new project or assembling a new team, it’s important to identify and leverage our strengths. Our strengths also support us when we are making transitions in our lives. So it’s important to know what they are. Too often, we are focused on what needs fixing. Advertising, mass media and politicians send improvement Read more [...]
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